Creamed Whipped Honey With Cinnamon


Creamed Honey is simply crystalized honey. It is made by creating the conditions for the honey to form tiny crystals that are almost imperceivable to the tongue, creating a smooth texture. This process makes the honey spreadable, like a butter. Creamed Honey is also called "Spun Honey" or "Whipped Honey".

Creamed Honey should be kept in a temperature controlled environment in order to keep the crystals from melting. It is often stored in the refrigerator, but is fine at room temperature (below 80 degrees Fahrenheit) 

Our Wildflower Creamed honey has one ingredient: Raw Honey

Our Cinnamon Creamed honey has two ingredients: Raw Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon

Both versions of our Creamed Honey come in a 12 oz glass jar. 

Enjoy this specialty honey on toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, in oatmeal or yogurt....or just right off the spoon. Its buttery texture and natural benefits make it a powerfully delicious and healthy combination!