Need something for that special someone? We have you covered. In this post Scott and Pam go through their top picks for gifts from Turnmeyer Galleries. These are in no particular order, and some can go for the ladies or gents, or kids and fur kids. 😊

Let’s get started. Ladies first.

Pam’s Top 10 Picks:

  1. Moonglow Zenith Bracelet
    Moonglow Zenith Bracelet

    There is no surprise that this is Pam’s favorite Moonglow piece. All of the Moonglow selection are fantastic gift ideas this year, but Pam absolutely loves this piece. This is made of stainless steel, and she loves the fact that it sits flat on your wrist and doesn’t dangle. Click Here to Shop Moonglow

  2. Skinny Signs
    MyWord Skinny Signs
    We have almost 60 different skinny signs with all kinds of great sayings. If you want something about love or just something a bit funny, these make a great choice. Click Here to Shop Now

  3. Simply Southern
    Simply Southern Peace Sign Tshirt
    Just about all of the ladies love Simply Southern. We have so many different shirts, pajamas, totes, keychains, stickers, etc that you are sure to find something. Pam specifically chose this shirt as her pick because of the peace sign and the daisies. It says “see good in all things”. Boy don’t we all need to do that these days. Click Here to Shop Now

  4. Belle Ryann XOXO Bangle Bracelet
    Bella Ryann XOXO Bangle Bracelet
    Bella Ryann has been with us since we opened in 2019. Their bangle bracelets are always a hit. Pam obviously chose this one with the hugs and kisses theme for Vday. Click Here to Shop Now

  5. Custom Mug with Wax Melts
    Custom Coffee Mugs
    Did you know that we make our own mugs? Yep, and we can do custom ones for you. Pam’s #5 pick is one of our custom mugs with either a Cake/Brownie single in it or maybe some wax melts. It’s a nice little packaged gift for under $25. Click Here to Shop Now

  6. Nora Fleming Paper Towel Holder
    Nora Fleming Paper Towel Holder
    Have you heard of Nora Fleming? Well if not you will soon. This houseware is extremely popular. It allows you to have different items and collect small “minis” for different occasions or seasons. You simply swap out the mini when you need a change. We have platters and servers and trays, but Pam’s favorite is this Paper Towel Holder and a Mini (we have over 40 to choose from) Click Here to shop Now

  7. Tried and True Apparel
    Tried and True Lab Tshirt
    Pam went with our new Tried and True Apparel brand for her next pick. These shirts are made from some of the softest cotton that we have ever felt. Very high quality and we love the designs. Click Here to Shop Now

  8. Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
    Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
    Next up is jewelry. Pam went with this nice sterling silver heart necklace for her next pick. We have a huge selection of sterling silver jewelry and this is a great choice for your special someone. Click Here to Shop Now

  9. LSN Soap Products
    LSN Handmade Soap
    Guys, you cannot go wrong with good smelling products either. Local teacher, Meredith Miller, hand makes all of the very popular LSN Soap Company products. We have a huge selection of her bar soap, liquid soap, body creams and lotions. Perfect gift. Click Here to Shop Now

  10. Metal Hearts from Matt Burke
    Matt Burke Metal Heart Art
    If you have been following us for a while, then you know all about Matt Burke and his metal art. He does some really cool stuff with metal, and these nice little hearts are the perfect gift. Always a top pick by Pam. Click Here to Shop Now

Now let's move to Scott's picks:

  1. Stainless Steel Necklaces

    Close 2 UR Heart Stainless Steel Necklace
    These stainless steel laser cut necklaces are some of the newest products in our store, and extremely popular. Scott didn't pick just one because there are so many unique ones to choose from. Click Here to Shop Now

  2. Antelope Canyon Heart Print

    Heart of the Antelope Print
    Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon in Arizona, is one of Scott's favorite places to photograph. This shot, call "The Heart of the Antelope" resembles a heart in the canyon walls. Click Here to Shop Now

  3. BruMate

    Brumate Hopsulator Trio
    BruMate could possibly be the hottest drinkware out there today. The Trio is Scott's pick because it is so versatile. It can be a stainless steel koozie for tall or short cans and even comes with a lid to make it a tumbler. We have colors that suit both the guys and the girls. Great for everyone. Click Here to Shop Now

  4. Tried and True Apparel

    Tried and True Apparel
    Scott also picked a tshirt from Tried and True, but he went with the lab pup and the deer antler shed. Click Here to Shop Now

  5. Simply Southern USA TieDye Shirt

    Simply Southern Tshirts
    Scott also went with a Simply Southern tshirt for the ladies. His pick was this brand new USA tshirt red, white and blue tie-dye. Click Here to Shop Now

  6. Moonglow Charmed Simplicity Necklace

    Moonglow Charmed Simplicity
    The Charmed Simplicity has been the best selling Moonglow piece since 2019. It's always a favorite and a go to if you need something that suits just about everyone. That's why Scott made it his next pick. Click Here to Shop Now

  7. Shower Steamers from Cait & Co

    Shower Steamer
    These shower steamers smell amazing, and come with a net to hang in the shower. This means that you can get 2-3 uses out of just one steamer. Think aromatherapy bath bombs for the shower. GREAT GIFT!!! Click Here to Shop Now

  8. Embracelets Stainless Steel Bracelets

    These new cuff style bracelets are selling like crazy. They come stamped with different words or sayings on them and ladies love them because they are adjustable and one size fits all. Large and small wrists. Click Here to Shop Now

  9. Del Sol Color Change Items

    Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish
    Scott went with Del Sol for the next pick. All of the Del Sol items change color in the sun, so they are very unique. We have different jewelry for the boys and girls, color changing dinosaurs, water bottles and even nail polish. Click Here to Shop Now

  10. MOVA Globes

    MOVA globes
    Scott's last pick might be his favorite in the shop. These MOVE globes are fantastic gifts. They are solar powered and require no batteries, no wires and no switches. They simply start turning when they have light. They are amazing! Click Here to Shop Now

Well that about finishes our top 10 lists from Scott and Pam. We hope you enjoyed seeing what they picked and maybe that would help you if you are having a hard time deciding. We invite you to shop online right now for any of these products, and more. Or stop in and see us at 407B East Main Street in Front Royal. 

Have a very Happy Valentines Day!!!!! See you soon. 

Scott and Pam Turnmeyer