Mother's Day is coming up fast, but there is still time to get t some cool and unique gifts for that mom in your life. 

Scott and Pam have so many unique gift ideas it was really difficult for them to pick their top 10, but here they are. All of these are available in the store, links to the items are provided in the content. 

Have others in your top 10 from Turnmeyer Galleries? Leave us a comment and let us know what they are. 


10. Candle Warmer

Does she like candles? We have the best option for those individuals. Our candle warmers allow you to use jar candles without the flame!! They are fantastic and everyone loves them. 

Shop all candle warmers here

Candle Warmers at Turnmeyer Galleries


9. Rain Jewelry

 Our Rain jewelry collection is always a great option. Beautiful pieces at extremely affordable prices and so much to choose from. 

Shop Rain jewelry here

Rain Jewelry at Turnmeyer Galleries


8. Slushy Mixes

Our slushy mixes can be made virgin or adult. You can use wine, or any adult liquid that you wish. 

Shop Nectar of the Vine mixes


7.Handmade Soap and Lotions

Our LSN soaps and lotions are so popular. They are handmade locally by a teacher. 

Shop all LSN products


6..Simply Southern Totes

Now we are getting into some popular stuff. The Simply Totes by Simply Southern are sure to blow out this Mother's Day. Two sizes left to choose from and you can even get charms to go in them or cooler inserts. 

Shop Simply Totes now


5. Brumate

Brumate is the hottest beverage device out there. Fantastic colors and styles to choose from.

Shop Brumate items here 


4. Porch Boards

 Porch boards are another great gift idea, and everyone loves them. They are very affordable and something different. Weather resistance, you can put them up against something or use the hanging rope to hang them. 

Shop Porch Boards


3.Simply Southern Shirts

Our hottest brand. No question, there is a shirt, pajama set, hat or something that she will love!!!

Shop Simply Southern Now


2. Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming was rated as the top gift in the country the last two years in a row. It's fantastic. Start with a base and choose minis that interchange in the bases to change your season or theme. 

Shop all Nora Fleming


And our #1 Gift Idea recommendation this year is Moonglow. 

Moonglow Jewelry at Turnmeyer Galleries

Moonglow is a staple when it comes to gifts for the ladies. It's beautiful, unique and very personalized. You take a date, let's say a child's birthday, and look up the moon phase from the day he/she was born. Once you find the moon phase, then we have a huge selection of bracelets, necklaces, keychains, anklets and rings that you get with that moon phase on it. 

So imagine this Mother's Day, the mom in your life opens her gift and it's a beautiful bracelet that has the moon phase from her child's birthday on it. 

Shop now for Moonglow

Moonglow Jewelry at Turnmeyer Galleries

May 01, 2022 — Scott Turnmeyer

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