Hello, and thank you for your interest in having Turnmeyer Galleries be a sponsor or a donor for your event. We LOVE to support the local community and special events, but unfortunately we cannot support every single one. We received hundreds of requests each year. This page lays out all of the details of our process for determining what sponsorship or donation opportunities we support. 

Each year, we as a small business, allocate a specific budget that will be used throughout the year for donations and sponsorship activities. This number would be reflected for any monetary sponsorship or donation requests. Once that number has been met for the current year, then we cannot support any further requests. 

We always look for opportunities to help the event or cause while also promoting our store. If your request has both, then you are heading in the right direction. 

How do you request? 

It's easy. Send an email to info@turnmeyer.com stating what you are looking for, the reason and why our business would be a great additional to this opportunity. Please be detailed. Please also add in:

- The cost or value you are looking for. Options would be great. 

- When it is needed


Again, we wish we could help everyone out, but as a small business with hundreds of requests, it just isn't feasible. Please submit any requests and we will certainly have a look and get back to you. 

Scott & Pam Turnmeyer