Hello, and thank you for your interest in selling your items in our store. We are always looking for unique and interesting items that match the vibe of our store. 

This page should provide you with all of the information that you would need to determine if your items are a fit for our location, and if so, how to submit them. 

First off, we ask that you visit our store if possible. We have a very unique look and feel. It's an experience and destination that we are working very hard to grown and maintain. We only take items that we feel help us maintain this experience. 

Secondly, we do not do consignment. We wholesale purchase only. 

Thirdly, we have a strict rule that we do not bring it any items that are already in a retail location in the near vicinity. We like to be unique and different. 

Now that you have gotten down this far and you are good to go with the above, then here is how you send us your information. 

Please send an email to info@turnmeyer.com. Your email should have the following information included:

1. A full description of your products, including photos

2. Tell us why you think your items fit our look and feel and why you think it/they would do well in our location. 

3. Provide a list of your wholesale and retail pricing. 

4. Please list places that already sell your items, including yourself, and provide their location. 

We will take a look at your item(s) and if we feel like they fit our look and feel, and that it's something that our customers would want, then we will reach out to you with any further questions or to discuss. 


Scott & Pam Turnmeyer