Here are Turnmeyer Galleries we pride ourselves in the talented artisans that we showcase. We are very picky in our selection of work to bring into our gallery as we want to maintain both our high standards and the experience in the gallery. We are not a normal gallery, we are unique and we are always looking for unique items from talented artisans to showcase. 

If you believe your is something that would fit perfectly in our gallery, and would like to discuss the option of showcasing it, please send us a message. Please include a few photos of your work and what your price points are. 


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Fine Art Photography by Scott Turnmeyer

Glasswork by Blue Silver Art Studio

Wood Art by Kritter Munson

Metal Art by Matt Burke

Wood Turnings by Tony De Masi

 Acrylic Art Pours by Zoe Ris

Acrylic Art by  Dana Thomas