It's that fantastic time of year. School is almost out and everyone is gearing up and prepping for that vacation with the family. Most families cannot wait to get their toes in the same and feel the waves at the beach. 

Whether you are a quiet Nags Head, exciting Myrtle Beach, Caribbean or wherever, here are some items that Scott and Pam think might just make your vacay a bit more fun in the sun. No particular order. 

Simply Southern Simply Totes

If you are a Simply Southern fan then you have no doubt seen or at least heard of their Simply Tote line. These are PERFECT for the beach, pool or whatever. They are made of a rubberized material and are surprisingly sturdy and durable (Scott and Pam used some while moving their house a few months ago, so tried and tested). The material is much like that of Crocs, so it so easy to clean out. 

The Simply Totes come in three sizes; Mini, Large and Utility, and there are charms and cooler inserts for them! Each bag also has a clear zipper pouch attached inside. 

PERFECT for the VACAY!!!

Shop all totes HERE




Simply Southern Microfiber Towels

The new microfiber towels from Simply Southern are perfect for the beach or pool. They are microfiber, so that makes them sand FREE. Imagine that, the sand doesn't stick to them. Plus, since they are micro fiber they dry so quickly. 

There are a number of different patterns, shown below. 

Shop the Simply Southern Towels HERE. 




Brumate BackTap

Now you simply cannot get dehydrated while having fun in the sun. The Backtap by Brumate can certainly help you out with that. Designed to hold 3 gallons of whatever liquid refreshment you like (no judgement here, trust us), while having any easy to get to spigot on the front, this is the top of the line for VACAY refreshment. Don't want to carry a liquid? No problem. It works as a cooler as well! 

Top notch colors that Brumate are well known for, this is a definite bucket list item (see what I did there?). 

Shop Backtaps by Brumate HERE



Wine Slushies by Nectar of the Vine

Now let's just imagine that you have no idea what to put in your Backtap. How about 3 gallons of slushy! Oh my, that sounds good. The Nectar of the Vine slushy mixes are exactly what is needed. 

Many different flavors to choose from, like the popular Sangria, Strawberry Daiquiri and more, these can be made virgin or with ANY type of alcohol that you wish. Do you have an old bottle of wine that you are not particularly fond us? No problem, make it into a Sangria slushy!!!!!!

Shop ALL Slushy Mixes HERE


Brumate Drinkware

So we have 3 gallons of adult slushies but nothing to how our refreshments while we have fun in the sun. That's where Brumate comes in to the rescue again. 

Brumate is one of the hottest drinkware companies out there. So many useful designs and amazing colors and styles, you cannot go wrong. How about the Hopsulator Trio, which can be a can koozie OR a tumbler with a 100% spill proof lid. NOW you can imagine how useful that would be on the beach, right. 

Just imagine. You have 3 gallons of Sangria slushy made from old bottles of wine that you didn't use anyway. Now you are sipping on that slushy from a gold leopard colored Brumate Trio. Wow!!! That is the life right there. 


Shop all of our Brumate Styles and Colors HERE


That wraps up our first take a items that will help you and your family enjoy a great vacation this year. Stop by and see all of the items that we have, so many more than what is here. We are open every single day at 407b East Main Street in Front Royal, Virginia. Of course, EVERYTHING that we offer in store is available here on our website as well. 

We hope you and your family have a fantastic vacation wherever it takes you. Be safe. Enjoy life. 

Scott and Pam Turnmeyer



May 15, 2022 — Scott Turnmeyer

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