Dad's day is coming up. So many people have problems with gift ideas for dad every year. In fact, dad's are usually the hardest to shop for. 

NO PROBLEM, we have you covered. 

Scott and Pam have so many unique gift ideas it was really difficult for them to pick their top 10, but here they are. All of these are available in the store, links to the items are provided in the content. 

Have others in your top 10 from Turnmeyer Galleries? Leave us a comment and let us know what they are. 


10. Gourmet Peanut Butter

Our gourmet peanut butter is amazing!!! So many gourmet flavors to choose from. You cannot go wrong! 

Shop all peanut butter




9. Puzzles

There isn't much as unique as a puzzle made from Scott's photos. We have tradition puzzles and our new laser cut wooden puzzles. All made from Scott's designs. 

Shop all puzzles




8. Hats

So many guys love our hats. We bring in 4 different brands just to have a great selection for the dads out there. 

Shop all hats




7. Photography Print

Father's Day always brings people in grabbing one of Scott's Fine Art prints for their special dad. This year Scott has even more to offer. Plenty in stock, and we can drop ship prints anywhere!!! 

Shop all of Scott's Prints


6. Socks and Boxers

We have over 100 different styles of socks, and boxer briefs to boot. 

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5. Brumate

Brumate is the hottest beverage device out there. Fantastic colors and styles to choose from.

Shop Brumate items here 



4. Tried & True and Southern Strut Apparel

With styles that are great for the guy and the gal, our Tried and True and Southern Strut brands are a great choice. Their shirts are made of the softest cotton out there. Always a win!

Shop all Tried & True and Southern Strut

3. Dinosaur Fossil

Every dad loves dinosaurs, whether they say it or not. What dad would not LOVE a real dinosaur fossil? We have everything from teeth to vertebrae, definitely something to fit the bill. 

Shop all of our Dino Fossils. 





2. Megalodon Tooth

What do you get the dad that has everything? How about a tooth from the largest shark to ever exist!!!! Megalodon is extremely popular, everyone loves the huge teeth. It was a monster shark and we have all kinds of sizes and colorations of this superstar shark's chompers. 

Shop all Megalodon Teeth





1. MOVA Globes

What dad would not love a MOVA globe? The coolest out there, these are completely powered by light. They are AMAZING! 

Shop all MOVA Globes HERE









May 23, 2022 — Scott Turnmeyer

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