Eagle's Embrace: Contemporary 14.5-inch Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley

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By Edge

Step into the world of awe-inspiring artistry with "Eagle's Embrace," a contemporary edge sculpture that stands as a testament to emotional evocation and modern fierceness. Designed and sculpted in England by the visionary artist Matt Buckley at his Shropshire studios, this piece is a proud member of the Edge Sculpture collection—a fusion of style, emotion, and modernity.

Key Features:

  • 🦅 Symbol of Power: "Eagle's Embrace" captures the raw power and beauty of a bald eagle, symbolizing strength and freedom.
  • 🌟 Contemporary Elegance: Standing at 14.5 inches, this figurine is a statement piece, seamlessly blending into modern home decor.
  • 🎨 Exquisite Hand Painting: Each sculpture is meticulously hand-painted, bringing out intricate details and enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Stone Resin Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision from stone resin, ensuring durability while maintaining a luxurious texture.

Immerse your living space in the captivating allure of contemporary art with "Eagle's Embrace." The mix of form, light, and texture creates a unique feel that sets this sculpture apart. Exquisitely handcrafted and hand-painted, it becomes a captivating focal point for indoor spaces.

Transform your home into a gallery of modern elegance with this Edge Sculpture masterpiece. "Eagle's Embrace" is more than a sculpture; it's an emotional journey, a reflection of strength and grace. Elevate your space with this symbol of power, designed to be cherished indoors for years to come.

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    Jim Prangley
    Edge Bald Eagle Sculpture

    This sculpture is beautiful. I get very nice comments from all that see it.
    Seller is very professional and shipping very prompt.