Nora Fleming Utensil Crock Pinstripes – Organize Your Kitchen in Style

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Introducing the Nora Fleming Utensil Crock - Your Perfect Kitchen Companion

Are you tired of rummaging through drawers to find your cooking utensils? Say goodbye to kitchen clutter and hello to organization and style with the Nora Fleming Utensil Crock.

Key Features:

  • Functional Elegance: Crafted with precision, this utensil crock combines functionality with elegance. Its sleek design enhances any kitchen decor, making it a charming addition to your countertop.

  • Generous Capacity: With ample space, it can hold a variety of kitchen tools, from spatulas and ladles to whisks and tongs. Say goodbye to crowded drawers and hello to easy access.

  • Versatile Design: Nora Fleming's utensil crock is designed for versatility. Its neutral color and timeless appeal make it suitable for various kitchen styles, whether modern, rustic, or traditional. Don't want to use it as a utensil crock, its a perfect solo cup dispenser, wine cooler or vase!

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable materials, this crock is built to last. It's easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it remains a staple in your kitchen for years to come.

  • A Nora Fleming Favorite: Nora Fleming is renowned for her attention to detail and dedication to quality. This utensil crock reflects her commitment to creating practical yet beautiful kitchen accessories.

Why Choose Nora Fleming?

Nora Fleming understands the importance of a well-organized kitchen. Her utensil crock is a testament to her passion for both functionality and aesthetics. With the Nora Fleming Utensil Crock, you'll experience the joy of cooking in a clutter-free space.

Get Yours Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your kitchen with the Nora Fleming Utensil Crock. Order yours now and enjoy the convenience and style it brings to your cooking space.

Choose the perfect mini to pair with your Nora Fleming base HERE. 

  • 4-1/2" x 7
  • microwave and dishwasher safe

How Nora Works

The Nora collection is divided into two main parts, minis and bases. Your minis are the small ceramic items that showcase any theme or holiday and the bases are the plates, platters, dishes, etc. Your minis will interchange whenever you wish to change your theme or season.

How to insert the minis:

  1. Select your Nora Fleming Base and Minis
  2. Dab hole in platter with water and insert mini into the hole
  3. Push mini from the top then pull the mini stem from the other side of the platter to secure

It's really that easy!

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