Natural Honey and Beeswax Bar Soap

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These soaps are made by us using only the best natural ingredients including raw honey, pure beeswax, and shea butter. They spent months perfecting these soaps, and we believe they have struck just the right balance of conditioning and longevity. Give them a try. Once you experience the creamy, clean, and moisturizing effect of these soaps, you will never want to use a commercial detergent bar again!

Natural soap is created through the reaction of plant oils and/or animal fats with an alkali and water. Traditionally, the alkali used was the result of leaching plant or wood ash, specifically hardwoods containing a large percentage of potassium carbonate or "potash". The results of soap making were somewhat unpredictable as the potency of the alkali used varied greatly.

Today, there is a much more refined alkali which yields more predictable results through the use of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), more commonly referred to as lye. The reaction that takes place between the oils, water, and lye is called saponification, and, if done correctly, it renders the finished product pH neutral with no trace of the lye remaining. The finished product is not modified in such a way as to neutralize or diminish the natural benefits of the ingredients that are used in creating the soap.