Willow Tree® Messenger Statue - Symbolic Comfort and Healing with Red Cardinal

Ships May 24, 2024

Willow Tree® Messenger Statue - Symbolic Comfort and Healing with Red Cardinal is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Find solace in the symbolic embrace of the Willow Tree Messenger statue—a heartfelt gift crafted to offer comfort and healing for those who have experienced loss or separation from a loved one. This poignant figure, adorned with a red cardinal, serves as a powerful reminder that the ones we love are always with us, residing in our memories and forever etched in our hearts.

The Messenger statue captures the essence of remembrance and connection, with the red cardinal serving as a small but uplifting symbol. In many cultures, red cardinals are believed to be messengers from the spirit world, bringing messages of love and comfort from those who have passed on.

Willow Tree statues are celebrated for their timeless beauty and profound meaning. Beyond mere decoration, they hold deep significance for individuals across various cultures and ages. The Messenger statue becomes a cherished keepsake, offering a tangible representation of the enduring bond we share with our loved ones.

A gift of Willow Tree goes beyond words, expressing sentiments that words alone may fail to capture. Share the Messenger statue with someone dear, offering them a comforting reminder that the love and memories shared with their loved ones endure—a timeless gift that resonates with the heart and provides solace in times of need.

Size: 5.5"h
Material: Resin

SKU: 28236

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Andria Bailey
Recent order

Love the Messenger figurine !!!😊😊😊


Took forever to receive, but I love it. Perfect for a gift to a friend who lost her mom. Wish they shipped to Canada.

Glad you love it. Just a reminder that the item was back ordered when you placed it. There was a ship ETA date as well as a note in the description of the product hspeaking to the expected arrival and that it was back ordered. You will also see a back ordered note in the shopping cart when you go to check out. According to the shipping ETA on the product, we actually shipped it out 3 days earlier than expected. But again, so glad you love it.